Olympus SmartStock: Direct Line Feed, Kan-Ban, Consignment Stock and Just-in-Time Component Supply

Olympus SmartStock

Direct Line Feed: Tailor-made to incorporate all of your needs.

The smart solution to Kan-Ban, Consignment Stock and Just-in-Time component supply.

How Direct Line Feed Works...

  • Direct Line Feed Bins
  • Direct Line Feed Warehouse
  • Olympus Global Head Offices
  • Parts, Racks and Bins Delivered to you on-site.
  • Reduce your stock holding.
  • Olympus SmartStock system ensures stock is monitored & replenished.
  • FIFO Management Integration
  • Scheduled account management meetings, ensuring consistent, smooth operation.

How you can benefit from Olympus SmartStock Direct Line Feed...

  1. Parts, racks and bins are delivered to you, on the initial delivery, free of charge. This means that you are able to reduce your stock holding, accordingly. Upon installation, the racks are cling filmed to ensure that your operatives consume the previous suppliers paid for stock, first.
  2. The quantities delivered initially, not only reflect the monthly consumption analysis, but also take into account batch quantities manufactured, as this may differ. Your cell leaders are instrumental in ensuring this information is accurate.
  3. We would propose a merchandiser frequency of twice monthly. This effectively will give you ample stock to accommodate any spike production, not catered for in the initial calculations.
  4. Once the racks become operational, you only pay for what you have consumed. Empties are collected on an agreed date, returned full and put away, the following working day. Markers are put on the racks at that point to inform the operatives which shelves to consume from, for the next period. This allows FIFO management to be operative on all cell locations.
  5. Each of our storage bins are made from recyclable plastic and remove the need for disposal of cardboard. Each bin shall not exceed 15 kilos in weight.
  6. Quarterly meetings are arranged. Here, Olympus will provide you with a call log, detailing each time you have expressed a concern about a line feed item. It details:-

    • Date of call    • Name of caller   • Concern Action Taken

    The purpose is to ensure that the action taken eliminates the need for the concern to be repeated.

    The meeting also gives the opportunity for you to inform us of possible increases and life expectancy of running parts. It is essential that this information is shared, to ensure continuity in the case of increased consumption and successful management of run out, on lines that are coming to an end.

  7. It is the responsibility of Olympus to advise you of re order point on all line feed items. This notification will give you sufficient time for negotiation and to establish the life expectancy of the part(s).
  8. One accumulator invoice per month detailing all the activity of each line feed item is available.
  9. Our payment terms for these systems are net 60 days from month end.
  10. The stock, racks and bins remain the property of Olympus throughout the contract. It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient insurance cover is in place, to accommodate the cost of replacement, should the need arise. Olympus will provide you with all the details, prior to installation.
  11. We will require a six month rolling contract agreement. In the unlikely event that you would wish to change supplier, we would require in writing formal cancellation of the agreement. This would start the six months trading notice period, and agreed invoicing of the stock value of all line feed items on date of receipt of your letter. On conclusion of the contract we would be entitled to repossess the racks and bins installed by Olympus. However, you would have the option to purchase that equipment and it could then be retained on site.
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